Data De-standardization

New in version 0.1.

This function transforms series to the original score according to equation:

\(\textbf{x} = \textbf{x}_s \cdot b + a\)

where \(\textbf{x}\) is time series to de-standardize, \(a\) is offset to add and \(b\) desired scaling factor.

See also: Data Standardization

Usage Explanation

As simple as

x = pa.standardize(xs, offset=a, scale=b)

Code Explanation

padasip.preprocess.standardize_back.standardize_back(xs, offset, scale)[source]

This is function for de-standarization of input series.


  • xs : standardized input (1 dimensional array)
  • offset : offset to add (float).
  • scale : scale (float).


  • x : original (destandardised) series